Why Cashew


  • Cashew is local & commercial Dry land Horticulture crop.
  • Demand is high due to Nutritional value and delicacy
  • Water requirement is less & resistance to Diseases & Pests
  • Assure annual crop & harvesting is in March – April month
  • Crop maintenance is easy and requires less labours
  • Minimal chances of damage due to non-seasonal or unexpected rains & storms
  • Harvesting is easy & manually done by widely available local labours
  • Marketing of Cashews is easy in local market
  • There are around 300 cashew Processing units in Aajara & adjoining area
  • Cashew can be store for 2-3 years with minimal storage care
  • Commercial yield starts on 4th year and lasts for 40-50 years
  • Average yield 15 kg/Plant/Year

(*Ref. Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Agricultural University, Dapoli)

  • Symbiotic relation with many species which allow to grow Multilayer inter-crop cultivation
  • Income to Investment is high



  • Cashew Farm size 1.00 Hectare or 2.5 Acres
  • Average Market Rate for raw Cashew ₹ 100 / kg ( *Year 2015)
  • Additional Income from Inter crop & Bamboo
  • Ownership of land as an Agriculturist
  • Secure investment as land cost is increases day by day
  • Proud to be the part of Environmentally valued supported project